Monday, November 15, 2010

Review for SKYLINE

Aliens and Brain least the effects are ok.

Skyline, when people saw the teaser trailer for this movie, everyone "ooo'd" and "ahh'd" when they saw the giant CGI spaceship descending from the sky and everyone gasped as the sucked up millions of people.  Other people, like me, saw the trailer and said, "War of the Worlds?"  And what I got was, almost exactly that.

Now to call this movie a rip-off of War of the Worlds is almost right.  It also seems to take things from other sci-fi movies like Independence Day, and a tiny pit from The Matrix, but thats only when the aliens show up.  Anyway the movie is about an unknown race of aliens that come to LA and begin a mass abduction of the citizens.  But before we get into the "good" stuff, (and I use that term loosely), we begin 15 hours earlier where we meet the couple of Jarrod, (played by Eric Balfour) and Elaine, (played by Scottie Thompson), who are heading to meet there friend the movie producer...writer.....ummmm, their movie friend...Terry, (played by Donald Faison which I found to be kind of weird since he was Turk on Scrubs).  Jarrod and Elaine arrive and we also get to meet Terry's girlfriend Candice, (a blonde name for a blonde woman) and Terry's assistant Denise, who we later find out is fooling around with Terry, but I don't see why they needed that little side plot since ALIENS WERE ATTACKING THE CITY.  Speaking of which, the aliens arrive hours after the party, similar to how the aliens from Independence Day arrived and they draw people in with a memorizing like, which Jarrod gets hit by but hes stopped from heading toward the light and he begins to change in a way to make him immune to the hypnotizing effect and a lot stronger than before.  The story continues as the group tries to survive this predicament.

The writing of this movie is absolutely stupid.  There is no explanation on why these aliens come to our planet, I guess they were just bored and decided to drop on by, like an unwelcome neighbor.  There is also no character development between anyone, and when Jarrod gets infected with whatever the aliens used to capture people he doesn't use this new power.  He does give a beat down to one of the aliens, but thats it, theres nothing else he does with it.  Hell, I could have given the same alien the same beat down, if I had a big enough of an adrenaline boost.  Speaking of which, lets talk about the aliens.  The look of the them are actually kind of cool, but they only come in three different types.  We get some kind of flying one, which looks EXACTLY like the sentinels from The Matrix, a Donkey Kong looking alien, which is the size of a building, that shoots tentacles out of his hands which allows it to eat, and then comes a small alien, the size of a car almost, that looks like a mix between the sentinels and the aliens from Independence Day, and they to have tentacles.  I think they concept artists for these creatures where watching a lot of tentacle hentai.  One scene involving the "foot soldiers."  One alien grabs an unnamed man and it actually vaporizes his head, leaving the brain intact, and stick it inside its body like a Double A battery.  So THATS why they're here, for our brains....what year is this 1950?  Another thing that makes this movie a dud was the casting.  Almost everyone is a B to C actor or they're were from a popular TV series.  The manager of the apartment building was actually from one of the detectives from Dexter, I couldn't figure it out at first but the more he talked it clicked.  Eric Balfour does have some experience as a supporting actor or as a guy to just fill in the background, but his acting, along with everyone else's couldn't save this movie.  The ending is the final nail in this movie's coffin as it shows not a scene of hope and relief for our survivors, but more of a PowerPoint presentation, seriously, I think the budget must of run out near the end so they just took pictures of the "daring" escape.  The only things that actually worked with this movie was the CGI, which was impressive you have to admit, and that it wasn't in 3D, because if it was I think no one would see it since ticket prices get jacked up because of 3D.

The movie was a visually stunning but a when it came to the story and development of the characters, it was a mess and all you'll be doing while watching this is think of the other good movies you could be watching thats exactly like this one.


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