Friday, November 19, 2010


So, I finally caved and watched the trailer for Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds.  I was trying to avoid in hopes of not letting anything be spoiled for me.  After watching said trailer, I have to say I don't like what I see.  Now the special effects look awesome I'll give the movie that, but from what I've seen of the character Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds), I don't think it will be as big a hit as everyone expects it to be.

From what I know of the Green Lantern series and the Earthlings who are members of Green Lantern Corps, Hal Jordan was the first.  His personality was a bit of a smart ass to superiors, especially the ones he had while in the Air Force...or whatever military division he was in, (I'm pretty sure it was the Air Force).  However the Hal Jordan I saw reminded me of, Johnny Storm.  In the trailer, Hal Jordan came off as a playboy who liked to fool around or he was trying to show off his new powers.  The Hal Jordan I thought I knew, and the Hal Jordan played by Ryan Reynolds, seem like two different characters.

Maybe I'm wrong, maybe Hal Jordan will be the way in the comic, and those are just added in to up the comedy in the movie.  But if this is the way Hal Jordan, the FIRST Green Lantern to come from Earth is going to act, then this movie may end up disappointing me.

Here is the link for anyone else interested in seeing it:

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