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"Harry Potter" has been a name that has become famous and stirred controversy of teaching witchcraft to children, which is a load of B.S. because my spell to set things on fire still  doesn't work.  I guess I have to do it the old fashion way, lighter fluid and a match, arrrrrgh.  Such a hassle to cause one little fire, anyway I digress, Part-1 of the new Harry Potter movie is out and here's a review.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows takes place right after the last movie/book and it shows that the characters have come a long way.  The final movie of the series is split up into two parts, because the book has a LOT of stuff happening.  The story, (without spoiling anything!), is about Harry Potter and his friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasely on a quest to find mythical objects called Horcuxes, which were created by "You-Know-Who," (aka Lord Voldemort), and they contain parts of his soul, so if he should happen to die he can return again and again, (well technically he created seven so he could only back that many times, but I'm sure if he had the chance he could create more).  Harry destroyed two so far, and now he and his friends are off to find the others.

THERE, THATS THE STORY IN THE MOST UN-SPOILED FASHION I CAN CREATE!! I WILL NOT SPOIL ANYTHING FOR YOU....unless I need to make a point about something, and if that should happen I'll warn you.

I've been a big fan of the book series, and I believe that the movies have stayed true to the source material.  They do add some stuff for comedic effect, but thats not too distracting, in fact it actually works out pretty well.  I got to say the 7th book felt really rushed and that it was hard to keep up with what I was reading.  However, the movie actually fixes this problem and the pacing of the film is a lot better than the pacing of the actual book.  Like I said above, there is a lot of story going on in the book and thats why the movie got split into two parts and by doing this, it helps spread everything out nice and neat.  I haven't read the last book for quite sometime, so I don't really recall what happened, but I really enjoyed what I saw in the movie, whether it be from the book or if they added it in.  And with everything we got, the ending gives us a perfect spot to pick up for Part-2. THATS NOT A SPOILER, I'M JUST STATING A FACT.

All the technical and special effects are great as well.  There are numerous scenes that were shot fantastically.  Especially this one chase scene, that occur in the woods and it came up towards the end. The pan work of the camera was really well done for being shot at that location, (that may sound like a spoiler but I tried to make it as vague as possible).  Speaking of shots, there were beautiful scenes shot out in the open area, or at least I think it was on location, it could have been a green screen, but either way it was a pretty sight.  Other scenes held and portrayed great emotions as well.  For example, SPOILER......we get to see the home of Harry's family and it's done at the dead of night while snowing.  The scene gave me a sense of loneliness on Harry's part, because he's relatively a stranger here.  The special effects shown were done nicely as well.  However, the spells that everyone uses all look the same to me, did anyone else see that?  Almost all the spells cause some sort of explosion or make things go 'boom'.  Maybe thats just me.  The effect for the Death Eaters traveling around were shown as flying streams of black smoke, which were actually pretty spooky.  Little kids may be scared while watching this movie, just to let you know.

Speaking of scary, the tone of this movie got a lot darker in my opinion.  People might say, "all the movies are dark," but I disagree.  The first three movies were more in the realm of fantasy, while four through seven were the true dark ones of the bunch.  This one however, seemed to crossover into different types of fantasy.  It became a mix of fantasy, fantasy-action, and even fantasy-horror, and for mixing all three into this it came out beautifully.  The opening five minutes are the moments I felt scared the most.  There was one other scene that got me saying 'Oh damn' but you're not going to find out until you see it for yourself, takes a while to get there but it's well worth the wait.

The last thing I'll mention is the acting from all the actors.  Everyone, and I mean everyone, did an outstanding job with there performances.  The one I think stands out the most are our three heroes on this journey, who are all just teenagers in a situation much bigger than they can handle.  Even the villain Lord Voldermort, which was played by Ralph Fiennes, portrays a very scary person who's agenda is to basically perform an ethnic cleansing of Muggle born wizards. He's Hitler.......with magic!  How can you not be scared of that??

This movie was just a joy to watch and I'm counting the days until Part-2 comes out.

Now normally I rate a movie out of 10, but since this is Part-1 of 2 part movie, I'm going to cut my score in half, and when the second one comes out, do the same, and then add the both together to give them a proper score........that confuse anyone???


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