Friday, November 19, 2010

My First Reaction: RED RIDING HOOD TRAILER where have I seen this before. There's a girl, who falls in love with a guy, who may or may not be a dangerous person to be with.  Said girl has a guy friend, who may like her more than just a friend.  And while this love triangle is going on, theres some sort of creature killing innocent people......where, oh where, have I seen this.....hmmmmm......Oh yeah! Twilight....and Red Riding Hood.....which is being directed by Catherine Hardwicke, who also directed Twilight.  I think she'll do a fine job directing this.....because they are the same EFFing movie.

There is no difference between THIS movie and Twilight, none at all. Both have a dumb girl, falling for the wrong type of guy, she already had a decent guy by her side since the beginning and she TEASES him, she strings him along for the ride, just to break his heart.

For some reason, I know I'll see this movie, I just know.  I have girl friends who will convince me and other guys that if we all pre-game before the movie, we'll have a a much better time, because we'll all be tipsy and not really paying attention to the movie, well thats not how it will go down.  We'll all drink, but the girls in the group will go gaga over the "bad boy" of the movie and whisper to each other on how cute he is, while the guys will suffer sitting through this and wish that the alcohol they consumed would give them cirrhosis of the liver and they could get the chance be taken to the hospital.

All I have to say is, break out the Four Locos

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