Sunday, June 17, 2012

An Announcement to Everyone

Hello all!  No, I'm not dead! :-D

I like to take this opportunity to let everyone know I am still trying to write and shoot video reviews, but with my other job at the theater, most of my time is taken up. I think I figured that since I was able to put out the first episode of "The Popcorn Jockey Presents" I would have a certain momentum to write more scripted reviews, shoot them, and edit them.  BUUUUUT that wasn't the case...

HOWEVER, for the time being, I'll post up written reviews whenever I get a chance, and/or turn my "What's Playing" series into a half scripted, half improvised style of show.  Kinda like a V-Log, but not really.  If I happen to get one of my friends in the video I'll call them that, but if it's just me, I'll count it as another episode of WP.

So I appreciate the anyone who actually goes to this blog and read/watches what I have to say, and please stay tuned for more to come

Thank You.

1 comment:

  1. Hey cuz, we are staying tuned here in Alabama, we loved your first one!