Friday, May 6, 2011

Review for THOR

Hey it's the Thor movie, you know what that means - HAMMER TIME!

Yay, verily the God of Thunder has made his triumphant debut into the motion picture!  Gaze upon his awesome power, as he battles with Frost Giants and other foes alike.  With his might hammer Mjolnir, he shall smite all of those who attempt to harm the innocent in any of the Nine Realms and thunder and lighting upon them all!  Now behold this review, and see what a puny mortal thinks of this GOD LIKE FILM---and yes I'll stop talking like this because it's getting a bit annoying.

When the realm of Asgard is threaten by a sneak attack by Frost Giants who attempt to steal back the Casket of Ancient Winters, an ancient weapon that they once used to spread ice across the world, Thor (played by Chris Hemsworth) and other Asgardian warriors go to Jotunheim, the world of the Frost Giants, to confront them on this action.  Odin (Anthony Hopkins) forbids this action, as their is a treaty of peace between the two kingdoms, after a previous war from the year 965 A.D. left many warriors from both sides dead.  However, Thor acts on his impulse and goes anyway, taking along with him his brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston), Lady Sif and the Warriors Three; Volstagg, Fandral, and Hogun, and yes they refer themselves as that.  When they arrive Laufey, the leader of the Frost Giants, he offers them the chance to leave with no harm, but when one of the Giants insults Thor, well you can figure out what happens next.  A huge battle takes place, and when the Warriors are outnumbered they attempt to retreat but they are cornered.  Odin then arrives to the rescue and also tries to convince Laufey that Thor is still young and a fool, and this should not lead to another war.  Laufey though sees his actions as breaking the truce and war has been declared.  For his arrogance, Odin casts Thor out of Asgard and banishes him and Mjolnir to Earth.  He also puts a spell on Mjolnir so that only one that is worthy can wield it.  When he arrives on Earth he lands in New Mexico and meets Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and her two partners.  Now on Earth as a mortal, Thor must now adapt to his new surroundings or try and uncover the truth of this attack and who is behind it.

Thor was first hinted to us at the end of Iron Man 2, and we have waited in anticipation for what was to come.  The film has some stellar visuals, as the world of Asgard is vibrant and beautiful to look at.  It's also not all CGI and sets were also created for this world, though most of them are either small rooms or just a fancy set with a green screen, but either way it was great to look at.  Jotunheim on the other hand, was mostly dark colors and tones, but thats to be expected for an ice world.  The story was also very good, predictable, but good.  Thor started out as a bit of a douche, being the regal God that he is, but soon he had a character change when he met Jane Foster and became the kind God we have read in the comics...well you may have read, I've never read Thor that much, but I might after this.  

There's nothing really bad that I can say about the acting, it was pretty "so-so."  The only one I can say that stood out the most was Tom Middleston.  His portrayal of the trickster Loki was pretty spot on of what I expected him to be like.  He was conniving, manipulative, and he had almost natural knack for lying.  He was definitely a villain I could be scared of.  The rest of the actors on the other hand, didn't really stand out.  Hemsworth does a good job playing a pompous God, put we've seen that type of character before.  Kat Dennings was also in the film as Darcy, one of Jane Foster's assistants, and she provided most of the comedy to break the tension, although her character could have been written out and you probably wouldn't notice that much.  Other than those couple of performances, everyone else was good.

I know I didn't really touch any of things that were bad, it's because, there wasn't really anything wrong.  The only bad thing I can say about Thor is that it was pretty average.  I think there's no way it can compete with other Marvel Films, like Spider-Man 2 which really got into the mind of the hero.  Thor in a nutshell is Hero-A fights Villain-B to stop Evil Plot-C.  It's not bad that it's average, it's just there are some better movies.

I say check it out on the big screen, the visuals it has are meant to be seen there.  It's definitely worth the ticket price if it's in 2D, which is the way I saw it.  If you have to see in 3D, then you might get mixed feelings, because quite frankly there wasn't that many scenes that would look good in that format.  


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