Tuesday, May 10, 2011


TRANSFORM AND ROLL a theater coming soon.

Now, I really enjoyed the first Transformers movie.  I thought it had some great action, impressive special effects, with a story that was pretty interesting.  The only real problem I had with it was that the dialog was corny and the acting was a bit sub-par, especially with Shia LeBouf taking the lead, and "Not-Angelina Jolie" Megan Fox as the love interest.  Overall, the film had its flaws, but it can be an enjoyable "popcorn movie" to watch with friends.

The second movie on the other hand was....complete crap.  It had bad dialog, a worse story and the acting got even more terrible when Ramón Rodríguez was added as a member of the team, which was like adding another stuttering and stammering Shia LeBouf, but now with a hint Spanish charm.  The biggest issue was probably the addition of Autobots to the ones already on Earth.  We don't really get to know them, and some don't even say anything, and are just referenced by name.  And then there are the twins Skids and Wheelie, which were called racist but some viewers, because of their lack of literary knowledge and spewing of what can be called as "Ebonics."  Looking back now, I can see what they're talking about.

Now comes the third film in the Transformers series.  From what I have seen in the trailer, it looks like Michael Bay is going bigger and I mean BIGGER.  More robots, more explosions, and huge CGI spaceships filling up the sky.  Now is all this a great idea? Well to Bay it might be, but have too much of all these kind of things could hurt the film big time.  Bay already tried to go bigger with Transformers 2 and it ultimately backfired.  Sure it was pretty to look at, but it was style over substance...which admittedly sounds hard when your movie involves giant fighting robots.  Anyway, Bay is pulling all the stops to make this the biggest film that involves giant two sets of intergalactic fighting robot factions, since the demand of it is so high nowadays.  There is also the recasting Megan Fox, (secretly fist pumps in the air), who apparently had a dispute of Bay saying she wanted her to gain weight for the film, which is not a hard thing to ask.  However, being a tad vain on her part, she didn't want to do this so she was dropped and replaced.  Say good bye to that nice fat paycheck Megan!  She is now replaced with Rose Huntington-Whiteley, who is only famous on the Victoria's Secret career and this is her first movie.  Here's a picture of her:

.....huh, a blonde Megan Fox.  Well she won't be playing Mikaela, (Fox's role), but a new love interest for Sam, which stays truer to the Transformers cartoon series.  A lot of people I know are saying that Rose is way hotter than Megan Fox, but to me, I don't find the collagen filled lips all that attractive.  Fox had and so does she.  But I have to say, I can lose myself in those big beautiful eyes...*siiiiiigh*.....anyway.

This movie doesn't come out until July, so things may change, but until then, let's just cross our fingers and HOPE, that this is not another Transformers 2.

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