Monday, January 3, 2011

Review for TANGLED

Fairy tales with a twist. Not new, but if it's not broke don't fix it.

To kickoff the new year I wanted to see a movie that would either make me smile, have me saying "ah," or have me laughing.  And would believe, I got what I asked for with Disney's Tangled.  Now, technically this movie came out around Thanksgiving of 2010, so I'm not really counting it, if I do make a list of Top Movies of 2011, but if I had made a list for 2010, it could have possible ended up there.

If you don't know the story of Rapunzel, you either have been living under a rock or had no real childhood....and I'm kind of in between those two spots.  All I really know about the story is that a girl with very, very, VERY, long hair, is trapped in a tower and they only way up in the tower is for her to drop her hair down so you can climb it.  Now with that kind of story, you can probably make up the rest yourself, and Disney does a wonderful job doing it.  Lets start at the beginning of the story.

A long time ago, (always wanted to write that), the sun gave the world a small drop of it's radiance.  This drop becomes a flower, that had the ability to heal any wound or cure any aliment.  The first two find it is an old woman named Mother Gothel, voiced by Donna Murphy.  She uses the magic of the flower to restore her age and become younger.  At the same time this is happening there is a Kingdom where the Queen who is with child becomes very ill.  The King sends out his royal guard to find the flower, they do, and use it to cure the Queens sickness.  Soon after she gives birth to a beautiful little girl with golden hair.  Coincidence? I THINK NOT.  Mother Gothel, now without her access to the youth replenishing flower, goes to kidnap Rapunzel, who's hair has the power of the flower now.  She can't just take her hair because if Rapunzel's hair is cut, it turns brown, and loses the magic.  Years later, Rapunzel is now 18 years old and has been living in her tower for as long as she can remember. We also meet Flynn Rider, played by Zachary Levi, a young and handsome thief.  He and his two rough and gruff partners the Stabbington Brothers, both voiced by Ron Pearlmen.....wait, Stabbington, STABBINGTON, that's their last name? Wow, I guess finding a name for obvious villains is harder to come up nowadays.  Anyway, all three go and steal the crown of the lost princess.  Things happen, which involve Flynn taking the crown for himself, and making bitter enemies of the Stabbingtons.  He finds himself at Rapunzel's tower, where he goes to hide, but he expectingly becomes her hostage.  She agrees to let him go and return the stolen crown, if he can guide her to the Kingdom, where she can see an annual event that happens every year on her birthday, which is when the King and Queen release a dozen of floating lanterns, as a sign that they are still looking for her.  And as they leave her towering prison, the adventure is just beginning.

This movie took me by total surprise.  I really enjoyed this movie, I really did!  At first, I thought this movie would be dumbed down for kids like past fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm, and yes it is, but it does have some dark elements to it as well, and I liked both the light and dark of the film.  The animation was top notch, the voice acting was superb, and the music and songs were pretty catchy.  I saw this movie in 3D, and to be honest it didn't really add anything to the film.  Wearing the glasses actually made it darker and whenever I took the glasses off I saw more of the vibrant colors and this movie had lots of those.  If I saw it in 2D I think I would enjoyed it a tad more.  Going back to the music, everyone sings, EVERYONE.  It's Disney so there's no real surprise, but in this one it could get kind of annoying when you hear a conversation between characters and then, BOOM, a musical number.  But like I said, the music is pretty catchy.

This movie can be enjoyed by anyone.  From parents, to a couple on a date, and especially kids.  If you get a chance to see this movie go out and see it, but go see it in 2D, so you can appreciate the vibrant colors and have the glasses tone it down.


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