Sunday, September 9, 2012

Another Update

I've been absent from here from quite sometime and I am trying to do better at this update thing.  School started up again and I got while living down here as well.  Well the job isn't working out so well, so that may change in the next couple of days.  In the meantime, the next couple of reviews are going to be on films that have been out for a while in the style I've been doing as of now, where I find clips of the movie online and use that to help my review.  But now thats going to change, as I'm changing the format of "What's Playing" from a scripted show, to a V-Log style of show.  I think a scripted opening would still be a good way to open each new episode, but it will be faster for me to edit and put them out.  When it comes to the "The Popcorn Jockey Presents Series" I'm still working on scripts as I go to school at the same time, so the next one for that may take some time.

I really hopes this works out and to those who have watched my videos and view this blog, I appreciate the support.

Thank You

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